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We Service Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide – Perth – Darwin – Hobart

Our skilled team, aided with the latest laser 3D laser scanning and software technologies, will capture environments and objects with high-accuracy. We capture objects as small as a key or as large as an industrial site. The scope of applications for 3D laser scanning is many and growing. The built environment and objects can be scanned with millions of 3D points in minutes and stored as a 3D point cloud with millimeter measurement accuracy. Point cloud data can be converted to mesh files or directly imported and modelled in most CAD tools.

While much of our work is in scanning commercial, domestic, industrial and heritage site for measurement and modelling, we also scan objects for manufacturing and reverse engineering. There are many applications for our 3D laser and photogrammetry scanning services. Our team of highly skilled professionals can transform the 3D scanned point cloud data into output formats that are the foundation for virtual walkthrough’s, product and structural design, documentation, visualization, and analysis as well.

We can help save you time in the delivery of enhanced and accurate visual communication of your design proposals, analysis and as built’s. Terrestrial Laser Scanning can rapidly map complex sites in much more detail than is possible with conventional means and will import directly into most post 2015 CAD tools for modelling.

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  • Static and Mobile 3D Laser Scanning
  • Site measurement scanning for architects and designers
  • Object scanning with Structured Light Scanners
  • Reverse engineering of objects and sites into CAD Models
  • Roadway, Bridges, Rail, Mining, Engineering and Construction site scanning
  • 3D Product Inspection and measurement
  • Scan to CAD Services
  • Scanning for precise structural deformation measurement
  • Measurement of complex mechanical structures and machinery
  • Plant maintenance and reconstruction
  • Developing land use plans for large residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed use areas
  • Scanning complex topography for roadway design
  • Building – Defence – Marine – Mining – Automotive 3D Scanning
  • Commercial and Domestic Exterior and Interior 3D Feature Surveys
  • Interior Visualization including Interactive Virtual Reality tours
  • Mobile onsite services / Remote FIFO
  • Scan processing services – 3D CAD modelling
  • Drainage analysis and erosion control and storm water treatment
  • Earthwork and mining volumetric measurement – before and after comparison
  • Verifying as-built against plan – integrating construction progress into BIM
  • Contour Surveys
  • Heritage preservation, protection and renovation
  • Anywhere that complex and time consuming manual survey measurements are costly and error prone

Project Gallery

  • heritage-conservation-deformation-analysis
    Heritage Conservation - Deformation Analysis
  • Heritage Listed Rail and Road Bridges
  • Heritage Pedestrian Bridge Gympie Qld
  • Scan to CAD and 3D Printing
  • 3D Laser scanning during and after construction improves BIM records
    Civil Roads and Bridges - Scan to BIM
  • Heritage Precincts and Buildings
  • 3d-laser-scanning-pipe-process-modelling
    3D Scanning and Modelling for Process Plants - Pipes Valves and Structures
  • 3d-Point-Cloud-Floor-Plan-Section
    3D Laser Scan - Point Cloud Floor Plan Section
  • 3D laser scanning turns reality into 3D models for design and reverse engineering
    3D Scanning Benefits Machinery Modification
  • 3d-laser-scanning-outdoor-structures
    3D Scanning for Outdoor Structures Modelling and Measurement
  • 3d scanning of heritage listed estate
    Heritage Listed Estate
  • 3d-laser-scanning-vehicles
    Vehicle Modification
  • 3d-laser-scanning-pump-station
    Pipe and Structure Modelling
  • 3d-laser-scanning
    Plant and Machinery Scanning
  • Vehicle Chassis Scanning for Accurate Measurement and Modelling
  • Water Distribution and Treatment Plants
  • 3d-laser-scanning-product-design-scanhub
    3D Scanning for Product Design
  • Floor Plans from 3D Scans
  • Roadway Bridge Point Cloud Section Measurement
  • 3d-scanning-product-engineering
    3D Scanning for Product Engineering
  • 3D-Laser-Scanning-Civil
    Scanning aids design options and reduces cost
  • Motor Body Modifications
  • laser-scanning-outdoor-hourding-design-verification
    3D Laser Measurement for Structural Design
  • 3D Laser Scanning - Point Cloud Section
    Scan Point Cloud for As Built Documentation
  • Road Surveys with Laser Scanning
  • Heritage Listed Rail and Road Bridges
  • Scanning and CAD Modelling
    Reverse Engineering and CAD Modelling from 3D Scans
  • 3d-laser-scanning-inspection
    Civil - Bridge Inspection
  • Mining and Heavy Engineering
  • 3D Laser scanning of new and existing civil infrastructure
    Civil Projects
  • 3d-laser-scanning-pipes
    Pipe Modelling
  • 3d-laser-scanning-process-plant
    Plant Scanning and CAD Modelling
  • Pump Station Point Cloud Section Measurements
  • 3D Modelling from Scan
  • Scanning for structural steel design
    Laser Scanning Benefits for Structural Steel Design
  • Analysis from Scan Data
  • Heritage Bridge Section and Measurement
  • Heritage Listed Buildings
  • 3D-laser-scanning-pipe-process-plant-measure-model
    3D Scanning and Modelling for Process Plants - Pipes Valves and Structures
  • Reverse Engineering - Scanned Mesh File
  • 3D-Modelling-Laser-Scanning
    3D Modelling from Point Cloud Data
  • House and Commercial Building Interiors
  • 3d-scanning-vehicle-chassis
    3D Laser Scanning for Vehicles