3D CAD Modelling


Laser Scanning and 3D CAD Modelling from Point Cloud data will identify site features early in the design phase and will help avoid costly errors. Design and fabricate with the accuracy of 3D spacial data captured with laser scanning and you significantly lower costs overall and reduce the risk of something not fitting or clashing during construction or installation. Costly mistakes like this can be avoided.

Scan Hub will help you save time and cost by scanning your site, pipes, plant or machinery with highly accurate 3D Laser Scanning. Our Australia wide teams have available the right tools and know-how to scan and model from 3D point clouds. We work with the latest 3D tools such as Inventor, Revit and AutoCad 3D, ArchiCad and Solidworks to produce 3D models for reverse engineering, documentation, design, reconstruction, maintenance and 3D visualization with Virtual Reality.

Feel free to discuss your requirements and we will match the right scanning and software technology with our best skilled operators. Quotes are on a free and no-obligation basis.

Training is also a consideration for new clients unfamiliar with 3D scanning and point cloud data. Request advice on the right training to suit your needs. We also have training partners who can help with the popular CAD tools.

  • 3D Laser and Structured Light Scanning
  • 3D CAD Modelling with the latest tools
  • Virtual Reality tours of CAD modelled buildings, interiors and showrooms
  • Training for beginners in 3D point clouds
  • Modelling for plant, pipes and structures
  • Modelling for reverse engineering
  • Scanning and modelling of automotive and machine parts
  • Civil, structural and mechanical site scanning
  • Heritage Buildings – Scanning and 3D modelling
  • Deformation and Wear Analysis
  • Support for CAD tools Inventor, Revit, AutoCad 3D, ArchiCad, Solidworks, Rhino etc
  • Point cloud to mesh file conversions
  • Point cloud analysis
  • Obligation free quotes and advice

Project Gallery

  • Heritage Bridge Section and Measurement
  • laser-scanning-pipes-process-structures-machinery
    Laser Scanning of Process Pipes Machinery and Structures
  • laser-scanning-process-plant
    Scan and Model Manufacturing Plant
  • Roadway Bridge Point Cloud Section Measurement
  • scanhub-laser-scanning-lift-shafts-tunnels
    Laser Scanning Lift Shafts - Tunnels and Difficult Areas
  • Laser-Measurement-Baggage-Handling-Systems
    Laser Scanning - Baggage Handling Systems
  • 3d-scanning-vehicle-chassis
    3D Laser Scanning for Vehicles
  • 3d-laser-scanning-product-design-scanhub
    3D Scanning for Product Design
  • Heritage Pedestrian Bridge Gympie Qld
  • Heritage Listed Rail and Road Bridges
  • 3d-laser-scanning-for wear-analysis
    Wear and Deformation Analysis with 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3d-laser-scanning-pipe-process-modelling
    3D Scanning and Modelling for Process Plants - Pipes Valves and Structures
  • House and Commercial Building Interiors
  • laser-scanning-manufacturing-plant
    Scan and Model Manufacturing Plant
  • scanning-for-structural-design
    Laser Scanning Benefits for Structural Steel Design
  • laser-scanning-point-cloud-to-pipe-model-
    3D Laser Scanning and Modelling of Plant Pipes and Structures
  • 3D laser scanning turns reality into 3D models for design and reverse engineering
    3D Scanning Benefits Machinery Modification
  • Laser-scanning-factory-scanning-retrofit
    Factory Laser Scan for Modelling a Retrofit
  • Vehicle Chassis Scanning for Accurate Measurement and Modelling
  • Reverse Engineering - Scanned Mesh File
  • Heritage Listed Buildings
  • Floor Plans from 3D Scans
  • Scan to CAD and 3D Printing
  • 3d-scan-cad-model
    3D Scan to CAD Model - Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Laser scanning of new and existing civil infrastructure
    Civil Projects
  • laser-scanning-logging-chute-measure-fabrication
    Laser Scanning and Modelling Logging Chute
  • 3D-laser-scanning-pipe-process-plant-measure-model
    3D Scanning and Modelling for Process Plants - Pipes Valves and Structures
  • Motor Body Modifications
  • 3d-laser-scanning
    Plant and Machinery Scanning
  • 3D Laser Scanning - Point Cloud Section
    Scan Point Cloud for As Built Documentation
  • Deformation Analysis with 3D Laser Scan Data
    Deformation Analysis with 3D Laser Scan Data
  • Heritage Listed Rail and Road Bridges
  • 3d scanning of heritage listed estate
    Heritage Listed Estate
  • 3d-laser-scanning-pump-station
    Pipe and Structure Modelling
  • heritage-conservation-deformation-analysis
    Heritage Conservation - Deformation Analysis
  • Mining and Heavy Engineering
  • Heritage Precincts and Buildings
  • Scan-CAD-Car-Frame-Modelling
    Car Frame Scan to Model
  • 3D Modelling from Scan
  • Mining-machinery-measure-survey
    Mining Machinery Survey and Measurement
  • 3d-laser-scanning-inspection
    Civil - Bridge Inspection
  • Pump Station Point Cloud Section Measurements
  • 3d-laser-scanning-process-plant
    Plant Scanning and CAD Modelling
  • Analysis from Scan Data
  • 3D-Laser-Scanning-Civil
    Scanning aids design options and reduces cost
  • Pipe-scanning-modelling
    Pipe and pump scanning and modelling
  • Scanning and CAD Modelling
    Reverse Engineering and CAD Modelling from 3D Scans
  • 3d-laser-scan-cad-model-overaly
    Plant Laser Scanning and Modelling
  • Marine-Hull-Laser-Scanning-Survey
    Marine - Boat Hulls Scanning for Survey and Modification
  • 3d-Point-Cloud-Floor-Plan-Section
    3D Laser Scan - Point Cloud Floor Plan Section
  • laser-scanning-civil-walkway-piling-and-deck
    Laser Scanning Walkway Piling and Deck for BIM
  • Machine Measurement and Deformation analysis with 3d Laser Scanning
    Machine Measurement and Deformation Analysis with Laser Scanning
  • laser-scanning-outdoor-hourding-design-verification
    3D Laser Measurement for Structural Design
  • complex-site-survey-with-3D-laser-scanning
    Complex Site Survey with 3D Laser Scan Data
  • 3D Laser scanning during and after construction improves BIM records
    Civil Roads and Bridges - Scan to BIM
  • Road Surveys with Laser Scanning
  • Machine Measurement and Deformation Analysis with Laser Scanning
  • 3D-Modelling-Laser-Scanning
    3D Modelling from Point Cloud Data
  • 3d-laser-scanning-mep-hvac
    3D Laser Scanning for MEP and HVAC
  • 3d-scanning-product-engineering
    3D Scanning for Product Engineering
  • 3d-laser-scanning-outdoor-structures
    3D Scanning for Outdoor Structures Modelling and Measurement
  • Railroad-rolling-stock-survey-laser-scanning
    Railroad Rolling Stock Survey and Measurement
  • 3d-laser-scanning-vehicles
    Vehicle Modification
  • Water Distribution and Treatment Plants