The Scan Hub team brings together decades of experience in the deployment of cutting edge tech, CAD design, engineering, and business management.

Terry Robinson


Terry founded Scan Hub after a successful career in the telecommunications engineering industry. He has over 30 years experience in business management of hi-tech hardware and services companies, some of which have provided products and services to clients including BHP, Rio Tinto, HP, Woodside, NEC, Telstra, and Government agencies such as the Australian Defence Force. In the last 5 years, he has managed over $70m worth of complex technology programs. He also has extensive electronic engineering expertise, particularly in the fields of civil aviation, mining, oil & gas, railroad communications and data acquisition. He has been recognized with awards such as top biz exec (WA) and the BRW-Alcatel Outstanding Achievement in Technology. Terry is confident about the future in laser scanning, measurement and 3D documentation and where it will take Scan Hub and its clients.

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Jake Robinson

3D Visualization Specialist

Co-founder Jake Robinson (also owner of has the experience and knowledge gained from successful businesses and his civil and structural engineering background, including over 5 years experience designing and 3D modeling in CAD programs. He sees great potential to improve the quality of data and service available for clients who may benefit from capturing the real world in high fidelity 3D spacial data.

Mark Deacon


Mark brings to Scan Hub a passion for design, aesthetics, and ‘business with a purpose’. With a degree in architecture and experience in the construction Industry, he has also proven himself as a successful business leader and innovator. With his background in architecture, the benefits of accurately capturing the real world digitally for further manipulation, analysis and presentation via CAD programs is obvious to him, yet often not as obvious to clients: “one of our most pressing challenges is bridging that knowledge gap with capturing reality in a digital 3D spacial format”.

Kane Robinson

Project Manager

Kane ensures the successful completion of projects and is well-qualified with a proven track record of site engineering and project management of projects including multi-million dollar civil engineering projects. He is hands on with key hardware and back-end systems when needed, and has nearly a decade’s experience designing and 3D modelling in CAD programs. Somewhat of a jack of all trades, he also has a keen interest in improving the efficiency of systems that ultimately benefit clients, having successfully designed and implemented key systems for award winning companies such as those directed by fellow Scan Hub leaders Jake and Mark.

Menno Zwart

BIM Specialist

Menno is a qualified building designer with 30 years experience including extensive experience in BIM, working in Sydney, Central Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, and Perth. Exposure to different locales within Australia, and his qualification in ‘Form School’ Feng Shui, which allows the exploration of ergonomics and natural flow of design through an Eastern perspective, has given Menno a keen eye for aesthetics and flow and an opportunity to design in a broad spectrum of styles, materials, and climatic conditions. His role in Scan Hub ensures the process from Scan to CAD is always optimal and aesthetically pleasing where possible, particularly for projects involving architectural and structural engineering design.

Phillip Barker

Safety Specialist

Phillip brings to Scan Hub many years experience and specialist knowledge in key areas including senior level management in Government and private sector organisations in Australia and internationally, project safety definition and development, safety management systems and workplace health and safety procedures, and systems assurance including audit and incident investigation. Professional memberships held by Phillip include: Member of the Safety Institute of Australia (Certified and Registered Safety Practitioner Australia), Fellow of the Institution of Railway Operators, and Associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management.